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The Dos and Don’ts of Maternity Work Wear

Raphy Tolub, founder of Prelegant.com, shares 10 tips for dressing well at work


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When it comes to maternity work wear, European women know how to dress for success! Raphy Tolub founded Prelegant.com to bring a few select lines of European maternity wear to the North American market. Here, he shares his favorite tips for dressing well at work...


1. DO wear bright colors. No need to stick to basic black. Celebrate this exciting time with trendy colors for the season. Just don't over do it!

2. DO buy durable, well-made items that you can mix and match. You won't have to overspend and your wardrobe will seem larger than it actually is, especially to those who see you five days of the week. Separates like a pair of black trousers and a suit jacket can easily be worn with different tops and bottoms to create a completely different look.

3. DO accessorize to draw attention to all the right places. Add a multicolored scarf to any outfit to add a more dressed-up, business professional flare. Accessories can take a maternity work wear look from plain to perfect in no time flat!

4. DO wear tops with an empire waist. Tops that are tight above the belly will flatter your waist rather than your middle section, which will make you look curvy in all the right places.

5. DO buy clothing that stretches. Clothing made with elasticity, such as jersey, will last longer throughout your pregnancy and is known to be more comfortable - great for those long days at the office.


1. DON'T hide your baby bump. It's okay to wear tight clothing as long as it's fitted appropriately. There are many styles of shirt that cling to your body without revealing too much... the perfect way to flaunt your bump at work in a classy manner.

2. DON'T wear heels that are too high. For safety purposes and for elegance and comfort, stick to ballet flats or a lower heel and take on your day with success.

3. DON'T forget that modesty is classy. You always want to maintain a classy and professional demeanor at work. You can look elegant and stylish and still be conservative.

4. DON'T be afraid to try new styles. Your body is changing daily. It's okay to step outside of your comfort zone and go after new looks! Have fun with maternity work wear. How about a pair or black leggings and a loose-fitted top?

5. DON'T wait to buy maternity clothes. Be prepared for even the earliest stages of pregnancy with trousers and tops that can grow with you. Don't try to squeeze into your non-maternity clothes that are not made for a growing belly.

Raphy Tolub is the Co-Founder and CEO of Prelegant.com. Raphy has always loved fashion and marketing. Before starting Prelegant, he was co-founder and designer at Flavio Creation, a company that produces women's shoes mainly distributed in Europe. Raphy has a Bachelor in Finance and Marketing from Sy Syms School of Business (New York, USA) and a Master in Marketing Management from ESSEC School of Business (Paris, France). Outside of work, Raphy is the proud father of Liora, 7 and Yoni, 3.

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