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7 Flattering Maternity Swimsuits for 2012


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Maternal America Alicia 2 Pc Maternity Tankini Set
7 Flattering Maternity Swimsuits for 2012
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Maternity America has done it again - a fashionable and fun take on what many women believe is the most universally flattering form of maternity swimwear: the tankini.

The Alicia boasts the season's hottest animal print style, and offers a comfortable and loose-fitting halter-top (without underwire) along with comfortable low-rise but full backside coverage. One of the best things about the halter top is that it allows women of different heights and torso sizes to adjust the fit. It also allows you to hike the top up or down as your pregnancy progresses... and your breasts and belly grow. The bikini bottoms have side ties, too, for the right fit every time.

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