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Tips, Tricks, Lists and How-Tos

Welcome to maternity style in a jiffy!


Tips, Tricks, Lists and How-Tos
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Maternity style doesn't come easy to everyone. After all, you're dressing an entirely different body all of a sudden! If you're not sure where to begin, read through the following tips and tricks.

Sometimes, a few Dos and Don'ts can make all the difference. Other times, all you need is a good How-To list to get you started down the path to pregnancy style perfection...

Essential Advice

Pregnant or not, what you choose to wear says a lot about the image you want to project to the world - and it says even more about how you feel about yourself. When your baby-to-be has hijacked half your body and most of your mind, keeping it cute and staying true to your new style can be a wonderful way to reaffirm that there's still a little bit of room left in there for you...

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5 ways to bump up your confidence and embrace your new curves

Maternity Style Secrets of the Stars
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Maternity Fashion Travel Tips
Celebrity stylist Lauren Maslin shares her best maternity fashion travel tips

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Money-saving tips on shopping for maternity clothes during your pregnancy

Lists to Love

Wondering how to narrow down your shopping list? We've pre-selected the best of the best, for every budget and style.

7 Flattering Maternity Swimsuits for 2012
These bathing beauties are sure to please

The Best Post-Partum Support Belts
9 of the best post-partum support belts and girdles - and why it's finally ok to wear them again

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Bumpgear 101
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How to Dress (and How Not to Dress)

Sometimes the best way to learn what to wear is to enjoy a peek at other pregnant women's more, shall we say, questionable choices...

7 Maternity Fashion Faux-Pas
Welcome to a whole new world of what not to wear

Maternity Formal Wear Dos and Don'ts
How to dress up when you're knocked up

Top 10 Tasteless Maternity Slogan Tees
Everybody's a comedian when it comes to maternity T-shirts

Where to Shop

Everywhere you look, there's a new maternity store popping up. Sometimes, the best are the classics - tried and true retailers everyone knows and loves. But don't forget to expand your maternity-style horizons by shopping at lesser-known stores, too.

Maternity-Wear Brands You May Not Know
These 5 maternity-wear companies may be the next big thing in pregnancy fashion

Where to Buy the Best Maternity Clothes
There are so many retailers and only nine months to try them all...

Isabella Oliver Maternity
Stylish and sophisticated maternity wear for women who love clothes.

Designer Maternity Consignment
Encore Maternity's Lauren Maslin Tells All!

What to Wear

It's the question every pregnant woman wants answers to, and fast! That bump is growing by the day and your old clothes simply aren't going to work for too much longer. Get started right away with these cheat sheets...

The 10 Best Budget Maternity Jeans
The ultimate list of the best maternity denim... for a song!

The Top 10 Designer Maternity Jeans
The best of the beautiful fo every shape, style and size

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Raphy Tolub - founder of Prelegant.com - shares 10 tips for dressing well at work

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