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Where to Buy the Best Maternity Clothes

10 Go-To Stores for Perfect Pregnancy Style


One of the plus sides of being pregnant is that you finally have a legitimate excuse to buy a whole new wardrobe! But where to begin? The past few years have seen a real boom in fashionable, affordable maternity style, so whether your budget is maxi or mini, there's a store out there for you and your beautiful belly, guaranteed.

Here are 10 of my favorite maternity sources:


1. A Pea in the Pod

Pregnant woman shopping for baby clothes, side view
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Start building your maternity wardrobe with a splurge! Best known for drool-worthy designer denim and celebrity maternity brands from Heidi Klum and Nicole Richie, as well as the Secret-Fit Belly – a smooth, nude-colored belly pocket available on most A Pea in the Pod bottoms that simply can’t be beat. Shop the excellent seasonal sales for designer on a dime, and pricey but pretty special-occasion wear in a pinch.

Price range: medium to high


2. Motherhood Maternity

With outlets in virtually every city across the country, this really is the mother of all maternity stores, and where most new moms-to-be begin their nine-month shopping sprees. Since Motherhood is part of the Destination Maternity umbrella company – which also claims a Pea in the Pod and the newly introduced Edamame prenatal spas – the Secret Fit Belly is also offered on Motherhood’s pants and jeans lines... for about a third of the price. Home to what is arguably the best selection of plus-size mat wear, too.

Price range: low to middle


3. Due Maternity

This online pregnancy superstore is absolutely dangerous, since it carries virtually every trendy designer out there.... not to mention one of the largest assortments of maternity gadgets and accessories to be found, from the hottest jeans and nursing wear to the latest stretch-mark creams and hip slings. To take the fear out of buying without trying, take advantage of the free online personal-shopper service.

Price range: low to high


4. Forever XXI

Technically it’s not a maternity store – though Forever XXI does have its own select line of pregnancy fashions under their "Love 21" label – but it barely matters. Inexpensive, up-to-the-minute trends are the hallmark of this popular chain, which means you can count on racks and racks of empire-waisted frocks, flowy maxi and mini dresses, baby-doll tops and stretchy cotton-lycra blends that are perfect fits for big bellies.

Price range: low to medium


5. Gap and Old Navy

Okay, so they may not be the same store technically, but they are – with apologies to the competition – two peas in a pod. Gap has great sales and classic styles; Old Navy has consistently great prices. You really can’t beat ’em for quality basics, whatever your budget may be. Sizes run pretty big at both stores, so be careful.

Price range: low to moderate


6. Target

Ahh, Target – the pregnant recessionista’s first stop on the maternity-wear tour. For casual chic, lines like Liz Lange, Merona and Moody Mamas offer all the basics and then some; for work separates that really do work, look to Cocoon Maternity. Target’s also a great place to shop for specialty items at rock-bottom prices, so keep your eye out for belly bands and nursing bras.

Price range: low


7. Unbuttoned Maternity

Although this well established online store humbly bills itself as "contemporary maternity," what they really mean is "rock-star style." Think sleeveless Ramones concert tees, rhinestone-studded skinny jeans, silk kimono dresses and shredded leggings, plus personal shopping and celebrity endorsements. Even if you’re not planning to buy, this is what online window shopping is all about!

Price range: medium to high


8. Burlington Coat Factory

Looking for something a little bit off the beaten trail but still on a budget? Head on over to the maternity section at the little superstore that could. Burlington Coat Factory has some different but never dowdy pieces that make this big-box shop so appealing for designer looks at bargain- basement prices. The dresses, in particular, are a super find, and almost all come in at under 15 bucks. low

Price range: low


9. H and M

For cheap and on-trend baby-bump style, H&M is a favorite among those in the know. Not all locations carry its small but well selected line of maternity fashions, so if you’re shopping online, look for the MAMA label snuck in among the regular tops, bottoms and dresses. The amount of maternity items changes seasonally, but skinny jeans for 35 dollars are among the best recent finds.

Price range: low to moderate


10. Isabella Oliver

The good news? The Isabella Oliver Maternity Parka has been marked down! The bad news? It’s now $407. Don’t worry, though – the sales and even some regular-priced items provide plenty of more reasonable buys among the sophisticated choices at this high-fashion maternity webstore. In particular, it offers a nice selection of hard-to-find stuff like sexy hosiery and lingerie and some more formal attire as well.

Price range: moderate to expensive

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