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Maternity Must-Have: Bashful Bump Bodysuits

Creator Amy Naylor discusses the joys of full coverage... and her top style tips


Maternity Must-Have: Bashful Bump Bodysuits
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Bashful Bump bodysuits are a stylish solution to a long-standing maternity style problem: shirts that are too short, exposing either your bump or your backside. Mom and entrepreneur Amy Naylor decided that pregnant women everywhere deserved freedom from tugging down their tops... and a new maternity must-have was born!

Jackie Rose: What is your background in fashion and style?

Amy Naylor: I have always had an artistic passion. That passion led me to a Fine Arts degree in college followed by a degree in Photography from the California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles. It was at CalArts that I really began to learn about fashion and clothing construction, focusing on simple styles that flatter on film and in photographs, and in everyday life.

JR: What exactly are Bashful Bump Bodysuits? Tell us about this great new product line.

AN: Bashful Bump Maternity Bodysuits are bodysuits with special features designed for pregnant women. The four top styles - camisole, tank, cap sleeve and three-quarter sleeve - have an elegant, ballet neckline, side ruching and a built-in shelf bra. At the bottom, there is a row of snaps to make trips to the bathroom a breeze. Unlike bodysuits from the early '90s where the snaps were at the very bottom of the bodysuit, these snaps have been moved forward toward the lower belly making them very easy to reach.

JR: Tell us a bit about what inspired you to start Bashful Bump... what niche does this product fill for pregnant women?

AN: High-panelled maternity pants just never worked for me, so I was thrilled when designers came out with panel-less and low-panelled maternity bottoms. Designer denim, drawstring pants and elastic-waist skirts were some of my favorites. I'm a very active mom with closely spaced children and crawling around on the nursery school floor after my daughter while six months pregnant with my son became a constant battle against wardrobe malfunctions. Every time I sat down in a chair or bent over to pick up a dropped pacifier, I worried that I would expose my backside. As my bump grew bigger, shirts started creeping up exposing my underbelly (and stretch marks!). I remembered the bodysuits from back in high school and knew that was just what I needed.

JR: What do you find most challenging about being pregnant and staying stylish?

AN: Our bodies go through so many changes during pregnancy - both physically and hormonally. It can be overwhelming! I think it's important that a woman has access to clothing that makes her feel like herself during this time, clothes that she would pick out even if she wasn't expecting. I recall one afternoon standing in a maternity dressing room in this huge printed and ruffled tunic and I burst into tears. That top was awful but it was all I could find at the time. Of course I now look back on that day and laugh!

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