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Dress for Less

Who says beauty on a budget is no fun? There are plenty of fantastic and affordable maternity fashions out there... the trick is knowing where to look and learning how to put together a stylish outfit!

Where to Buy Pre-Owned Maternity Wear Online
A peek a 10 of the hottest online purveyors of used maternity clothes

Designer Maternity Consignment: Encore Maternity's Lauren Maslin Tells All!
Celebrity maternity stylist and founder of Encore Maternity shares her inspiration and fashion advice

How To Buy Cute, Cheap Maternity Clothing

The 10 Best Budget Maternity Jeans
LIZ LANGE FOR TARGET “Maternity Jeans - Medium Blue”

Buyer Beware: Maternity Underwear
A peek at four kinds of pregnancy panties... but are they really worth the price?

8 Ways to Save on Maternity Clothes
Money-saving tips on shopping for maternity clothes during your pregnancy

Buy Maternity Clothes For Less

Bumpgear 101
Support your baby belly in style with these six great maternity gadgets

Maternity Underwear
How to choose the right maternity underwear for your pregnancy

Maternity Style on a Budget
Get the best of maternity style for your budget with these simple tips.

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