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Maternity Style Secrets of the Stars

Four simple steps to creating your own celebrity fashion sense


Maternity Style Secrets of the Stars
Jason LaVeris /FilmMagic/Getty Images

We love stars and we love babies. When babies do to stars' bodies what they do to our own - namely, shake things up - we can't help but watch when their normally perfect physiques transform to accommodate the lucky little lambs they've go on board. Celebrity worship is at an all-time high, and while that may be unpleasant for them (not to mention a stain on the moral fabric of society as a whole, of course) it does means great things for you right now!

Don't feel too guilty about it - celebrity worship is officially a permissible vice now that drinking, smoking, caffeine and sushi are off the table. And since lots of those stars have stylists whose sole job it is to dress them in things that make them look good, why not look to them for a little maternity style inspiration?

Yes, now that celebrity bump-watching has evolved from a passing interest into a national pastime for legions of mothers-to-be across the world, it also reminds us to look to ourselves first when it comes to style. Because if there's one thing the starlets and their stylists have got down-pat when it comes to pregnancy fashion, it's the concept of personal maternity style.

Here's how to follow their lead to pregnancy-style superstardom...

A. Make it Your Own

Rarely will you see a pregnant celeb on the red carpet or even strolling Rodeo Drive without an ample punch of accessories. No matter how basic your pregnancy wardrobe may be, if you make each item your own by adding a little something extra to each piece or throwing in an unexpected twist here and there, you'll always look like a million bucks.

Take that simple little black maternity dress you found on the Sears sale rack and turn it into something fabulous using punches of color, a daring handbag or a bold piece of jewellery. Ditch the crocs or flip-flops in favor of ballet flats or tall boots... even if you're wearing a plain cotton sundress. Take the usual and kick it up a notch - try colored leggings or tights, bold brooches and offbeat cuts of clothing, or go for vintage anything to bring an outfit from basic boring to totally you in ten seconds flat!

B. Stay Polished

The devil is in the details, they say, and that goes double for maternity style. No matter how gorgeous your new sweater may be or how chic those designer jeans are, you'll undermine your wow factor if your hair's a mess and your polish is coming off. Stars and style icons tend to stay neat, tidy and well groomed at all times, so treat yourself to a regular manicure, indulge in a blowout once in a while and by all means take the time to swipe on some lipstick, even if you're just going to the grocery store for pickles and ice cream.

C. Be Brave

Fashion can be cold and impersonal, even impenetrable for its confusing rules of what and what not to wear. Of course it's scary - when faced with a long laundry list of designers and trends and fabrics and cuts and accessories dictated by an incredibly small group of intimidating people supposedly in the know, doing anything outside the box can be daunting, to say the least.

But remember that for the average ordinary pregnant person, fashion is about feeling great and having fun. So take a risk. Wear a big hat. Attempt those funky wedges. Tie a scarf around your belly. Don't worry about ruffling people's feathers... wear them instead!

D. Find Your Celebrity Style Inspiration

People still talk about Nicole Richie's fashion choices while she was pregnant... and she hasn't had a baby on board in ages! Peeking in on a pregnant Beyonce every now and then, or finding inspiration in Jessica's Simpson's red-carpet choices can be the perfect way to not only get style ideas, but also to remember that we're all in it together... after all, even Nicole Kidman had swollen ankles for about five minutes when she was pregnant (okay, maybe not... but you get the idea). And that can make you feel as good as the thought of one day seeing your feet again.

So whether you prefer to stay cool and comfy like Jennifer Garner or rock retro-glam style like Gwen Stefani or even attempt stilettos and high-fashion fascinators like Victoria Beckham, there's a pregnant someone in the spotlight out there for everyone to enjoy.

Want to know more about who's pregnant and what they're wearing? If you're in need of the ultimate maternity-style fix, here are a few fun celebrity baby-bump blogs and sources of star-studded pregnancy fashion:





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