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Look 10 Lbs Thinner After Childbirth

Wednesday April 16, 2014
Fit PregnancyObviously, a safe and healthy baby is the first thing on any mother's mind after giving birth but once baby is home and the dust has settled, there is another thing on our minds, losing the baby weight. While adjusting to life with a new baby, sometimes working out and getting fit is last on our priority list. So while we manage motherhood and whatever else life throws at us, we find ways to look better... in our clothes at least. Check out this article on how to look 10 pounds thinner after childbirth and fake that pre-baby body fast with ten easy style tips.

Fun And Affordable Alternative To Nursing Covers

Wednesday April 9, 2014
Nursing Cover Nursing covers are a great way to be able to bond with baby on the go. While there may be some sleek looking covers, why not find something that can do double duty. If you or someone you know is looking for a nursing cover with a bit more style, check out this article on fun and affordable alternatives. Hint: it is not a nursing cover at all. As a nursing mom of two, carrying around one more item just doesn't seem feasible to me. Between changing pads, diapers, snacks for my older one and a change of clothing for both, putting a cover in my bag would mean a loss of space for other super important baby things. I prefer a more practical solution and a more stylish like the one mentioned in the article linked above. Learn more about breastfeeding with Donna Murray.

Super Savings at Prelegant.com!

Tuesday June 12, 2012
maternity work wear

Looking for professional maternity clothes with European flair?

Shop Prelegant.com now and get 15 percent off your entire purchase! Just enter the coupon code prelegant15 at check-out and make sure to LIKE them on Facebook to stay updated on more exciting exclusive promotions and specials.

And if you're interested in learning the style secrets of Europe's most fashionable working mothers-to-be, we've got you covered right here.

(Image courtesy of Prelegant.com)

Shopping Online for Pre-Owned Maternity Wear

Thursday May 31, 2012
Online Shopping for maternity clothes

Some pregnant women swear by it. Others shudder at the idea of buying used maternity clothes.

Whatever your stand, there's no denying that maternity-wear rental and consignment shops are becoming more of a presence online. With great prices and low commitment factors, expectant fashionistas may be convinced that there's something to this whole pre-owned maternity-wear thing!

So what do you think? Do you buy used maternity clothes?

(Photo credit: B2M Productions / Getty Images)

Shortcut to Pregnancy Fashion Perfection!

Wednesday May 30, 2012
What to wear, what to wear?

Pregnancy Fashion

It's the question every pregnant woman wants answers to, and fast! That bump is growing by the day and your old clothes simply aren't going to work for too much longer. Get started right away with these maternity-style cheat sheets...

(Photo credit: Eric O'Connell / Getty Images)

Special Savings at Prelegant.com!

Tuesday May 29, 2012

The key to a building a beautiful maternity work wardrobe? Staying elegant and professional at all times, plus a great collections of mix-and-match basics.

Prelegant.com -- home to an impressive collection of European maternity brands -- is offering About.com readers 15 % off all purchases. Just enter code prelegant15 at checkout!

(We think the Avenue des Bebes Black & White Sailor Top is the perfect place to start...)

(photo credit: Prelegant.com)

Bashful Bump Maternity Bodysuits Deal!

Tuesday May 22, 2012
bashful bump bodysuit deal

Bashful Bump Bodysuits offer a stylish solution to a long-standing maternity-style problem: shirts that are too short, exposing either your bump or your backside.

No more flashing your belly or bottom when you bend down to pick up a toy or reach for that top shelf! No more shirts that ride up! No more exposing those stretch marks or undies! Designed by Amy Naylor, these tops have tons of cool features and will quickly become an essential part of your maternity wardrobe.

The four top styles - camisole, tank, cap sleeve and three-quarter sleeve - have an elegant ballet neckline, side ruching and a built-in shelf bra. At the bottom, there's a row of snaps to make trips to the bathroom a breeze. They're all available in black or white.

Best of all, starting today, About.com readers can enjoy 20 percent off Bashful Bump Bodysuits by entering code ABOUTMATERNITY at checkout!

(Photo credit: Bashful Bump)

The B.D.A. Pant

Tuesday May 22, 2012
BDA pant

The B.D.A. Pant from Belly Bandit is the ultimate maternity style multi-tasker - the B.D.A. stands for before, during and after... and you'd be hard-pressed to find a more comfortable bottom out there for any phase of your life.

Made of loose, drapey, supremely soft fabric, the B.D.A. Pant suits a variety of body types and is available in a wide range of sizes, from petite to plus. Choose from black, gray or brown and dress them up or dress them down!

What we love most about them? After you have the baby, there will be days when you just want to get out of your shapewear and into something a little more comfortable. These fit the bill perfectly and still look chic!

(Photo credit: Belly Bandit)

Maternity Slogan Tees: Love 'Em or Hate 'Em?

Thursday May 17, 2012

The 21st-century craze for slogan tees has also exploded onto the maternity-style scene.

It seems everyone has something to say on behalf of the belly they're sporting these days.

Does your bump have something important to share, or does it prefer to stay silent?

(Photo credit: Kevin Winter / Getty Images)

Steal of the Week

Friday May 11, 2012
The JCPenney "duo™" brand is a great source for inexpensive maternity basics, like T-shirts and summer dresses.

 Maternity Side Ruched Stripe Tee

This on-trend striped tee comes in magenta or charcoal, is available in plus and regular maternity sizes, and has flatterning ruching up the sides. It's lightweight and comfy, plus the 3/4-sleeve style is perfect for spring!

(Photo credit: JCPenney)

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